Elektrik ve Otomasyon Sistemi

Plant Control System is a func onal, easy-to-use and economical basic system for plant automa on. Automated processes and process commands are clearly displayed in graphic form; ma-nual interven on is possible at all mes. Through the combina on of parameter and user administra on, company-internal is op mally protected. Plant control system is individually adapted to meet specific opera onal requirements. High plant availability, lower costs. Automa c opera on op mizes process sequences, allowing for a significant increase in plant capacity and ensuring a consistently high level of product quality. Produc on planning, diagnos cs and quality assurance can be carried out with the help of , which simplifies planning and administra on considerably. Plant automa on reduces the need for personnel, thus lowering produc on costs. Intuiµve, easy opera on of all processes and process commands. All automated processes and process commands are displayed on a monitor in a graphic and clearly structured manner. Switching to manual opera on is possible at all mes via the unit's innova ve touch screen. Minimal maintenance requirements. Expandable modular system. This allows automa on to be applied for the en re plant or only for individual process steps as required.